Wheat-paste installation, Portland, Maine 



CHATTERMARK is a street-art initiative bringing imagery of the Arctic and melting glacial ice to the streets of Maine. This project injects imagery of a continually changing Polar landscape into the busy rush of daily life as a reminder of new landscapes resulting from human impact, and a connection/disconnection we have with the world around us. Images are printed at mural scale and adhered to public, exterior walls with an all-natural binder meant to deteriorate with time and weather. This website is meant to be a portal featuring varying perspectives on environmental concerns.

The project is organized by Shoshannah White, an interdisciplinary artist based in Portland, Maine.  


Generous support for CHATTERMARK is provided by SPACE Gallery through The Kindling Fund. Thank you!! 


Additional info: 

A photogram is a cameraless, analog photographic process made in direct contact of objects to light-sensitive paper. Images were made in a temporary darkroom  from gathered bits of melting glacier ice, sourced from receding glaciers and hauled from seawater on Prince William Sound, Alaska. 

A chatter mark is a geological term for the groves and gouges made from glaciers dragging boulders along with them on their journey, carving into bedrock and leaving traces of their existence as they move along on their paths.